Who We Are

ImAVessel is a UK christian charity dedicated to reaching young people with the Gospel online. Founded by MOBO Award nominated artist J Vessel, it seeks to engage young people wherever they are on their spiritual journey through relevant Bible plans, social media content and youth resources. 

Growing up in a Christian household, J Vessel followed his Dad to Gospel concerts from the age of 12. Seeing all his heroes perform live he soon fell in love with creating music and released his first single aged 15, aptly titled “I’m A Vessel”.

Based on the scripture 2 Timothy 2:21 “…he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work..”, this single depicted his innate desire to be used of God and inspire others to say the same.

This soon became a movement, with thousands of young christians hashtagging #imavessel on social media expressing their allegiance to the movement and their desire to also be vessels of honour, used for God’s glory. J Vessel went on to become the youngest ever solo artist to be nominated for a MOBO Award at the age of 17 and has received support from TBN, BBC, Capital Xtra, Clash Magazine and more. Sharing stages with the likes of Elevation Worship, Andy Mineo, Tye Tribbet, Guvna B, LZ7, Sinach and Matt Redman.

Being involved in youth ministry for almost two years after completing a Business degree at the University of Buckingham, Vessel saw the need for relevant youth resources specifically aimed at members of the urban community, that tackled tough issues head on. Acting on this, Vessel Org was officially launched in 2020 as a registered charity (no. 1190069), seeking to engage young people in new and exciting ways and have since seen publications in Premier YouthWork, Keep the Faith magazine and have been endorsed by hundreds of local churches across the UK.

Continuing to reach young people online, we want to see a generation of young people rise up and say “I’m A Vessel, Lord Use Me!”

Speaking their language, sharing the gospel in digital ways and pointing them to Christ so that they can in turn be Vessel’s in their communities.